Ask Paul Vandenberg, company founder, to explain his success in the transportation tarp industry and he will respond with a brief slogan commonly found on company assets: Where Customer Service Excels! "It's essential to treat people right, first by understanding their wants and needs, and secondly by taking whatever measures are necessary to ensure they are met." This foundational principle guides every operational facet of Trison Tarps.

Unrelenting efforts to excel in customer satisfaction are underscored by expanding services and a dedicated work force that subscribes to high performance levels, respect for every customer, and cooperative relationships in all business endeavours.

"We are here to focus on customer service and we treat all of our customers with respect, whether they are a big fleet or an owner/operator. We are not a large company and I like the one-to-one contact with people we have here. I like to personally welcome truckers to our shop whenever I can," said Paul.

When it comes to product value, quality is essential. "We pride ourselves on integrity and quality and keep our prices competitive," say the company founder. All tarps are made in house at the 48,000 square foot facility with seven drive-through bays strategically located at 33 Kippax Court in Brantford, Ontario, visible from Highway 403.

"We look for the best on the market," Paul says, "never compromising quality for cost price. Quality is always the driving factor." While tarps are a major seller, they are by no means a singular success. Our company also supplies the transportation industry with aluminum products, cable systems, cargo equipment, chains and binders, rolling systems and related products.

A family-run management team, consisting of Paul's three sons (from which the name Trison originated) along with a workforce whose members all aspire to the same level of customer satisfaction and product excellence collectively earmark Trison Tarps as a forerunner in meeting the tarping and cargo needs of the transportation industry, while supporting the company's slogan, "Where Customer Service Excels."

One of the biggest priorities at Trison Tarps is the turnaround time for repairs and installation.

Our mission statement says it all: Our mission is to excel in competent customer service and provide a wide range of quality merchandise for the trucking industry in a pleasant and professional manner.

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