Trison Tarps, Inc. Announces New Partnership with Aero Industries

International partnership pairs quality tarping systems and excellent customer service
Brantford, Ontario - March 31, 2011

Trison Tarps Inc., the best in mechanical tarp systems and customer service in Ontario, is the new distributor of Aero® Industries products, combining quality tarping systems with exceptional customer service.

Since its founding in 1944, Aero Industries has been dedicated to providing high-quality tarping systems and trailer accessories. By focusing on the needs and challenges of drivers, Aero creates products that are durable, easy to use and easy to maintain. This allows drivers to stay safer and earn more by decreasing the time spent repairing systems and increasing the time spent on the road.

"We are very pleased with our new partnership with Aero Industries," Paul Vandenberg, President of Trison Tarps, Inc., said. "Aero is known for providing quality products that really focus on the driver's needs and conveniences. Like us, they also focus on and value quality customer service and loyalty."

Customer service has been Trison Tarp's emphasis since its founding, as they strive to not only provide quality products but also do so in an atmosphere that is pleasant to work with and professional. For more information about Trison Tarps, their customer service, and the products they provide visit

With locations in Omaha, Nebraska and Streetsboro, Ohio, and headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana Aero Industries has been serving drivers across the United States for three generations. To learn more about Aero Industries and the products they offer, visit the website at

Aero Industries, Inc. manufactures a complete line of accessories for dumps, flatbeds, agriculture, refuse and other trailer applications. The company serves the trucking industry in North America and Europe with locations in Indianapolis, Indiana; Omaha, Nebraska; Streetsboro, Ohio and Elvington, York, UK. To find out more, contact Aero Industries toll free at 1-800-535-9545 or visit them on the web at

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