Kinedyne 2" by 30' Chain Anchor Winch Strap


The Kinedyne 2″ x 30′ Chain Anchor Winch Strap features a working load limit of 3,335 Lbs / 1,151 Kg

The Kinedyne 2-inch x 30-foot Chain Anchor Winch Strap has a weight of just 4.7 Lbs. / 2.1 kg  and features a working load limit of 3,335 Lbs. / 1,151 Kg, so it’s ready to take on your heavy-duty tie down jobs. All the Kinedyne Winch Straps meet WSTDA, CHP, DOT, CVSA, and North American Cargo Securement standards .

You can easily feed the 30 feet of our standard Kinedyne gold with black edge 2084F webbing into the sliding winch or the mounted winch that’s been welded or bolted onto your vehicle. You can then soundly tighten the polyester webbing over your load for a secure tie down job.

While impressively strong, the industrial strength of the polyester webbing only increases with the durability of the heat-treated carbon steel Grade 43 Kinedyne 3705-2 Chain Anchor end fittings. Coated in a zinc plated finish, the gold dichromate 5/16-inch grab hooks can be reliably secured to most anchor points, such as D-rings, and stake pockets.