Kinedyne 3" by 30' Chain Anchor Winch Strap


The Kinedyne 3″ x 30′ Chain Anchor Winch Strap is manufactured with a 5,400 lbs. / 2,450 kg working load limit to handle the heavier of the heavy-duty tie down jobs.

With a working load limit of 5,400 lbs. / 2,450 kg, Kinedyne’s 3-inch x 30-foot Chain Anchor Winch Strap was quality engineered under direct Kinedyne control to exceed your cargo securement needs. The Chain Anchor Winch Strap is designed with the kind of webbing and hardware necessary to provide the strength and durability demanded in heavy-duty tie down requirements.

The Kinedyne gold with black edge 3084F webbing stands out among others for its quality. When it comes to tying down your heavy-duty load, you don’t really want your straps to stretch. This may lead to slack, and the less taut your strap is, the less secure your cargo will be. Instead, this polyester webbing can be tensioned by a winch with minimum stretch.

The sturdy heat-treated carbon steel Grade 43 Chain Anchor is built to resist heavy-abrasive conditions near the anchor point, so you don’t need to worry about any damage being done to either the vehicle or the chains. With its 3/8-inch gold dichromate grab hook, it can latch onto side rails, D-rings, stake pockets, other chains, and other types of anchor points, adding even more strength to your tie down job.

All Kinedyne Winch Straps are labeled with their working load limit on their tags and stenciled on the straps in accordance to WSTDA, CVSA, DOT regulations, CHP, and North American Cargo Securement standards.

  • Working Load Limit: 5,400 lbs. / 2,450 kg
  • Width: 3 Inches
  • Length: 30 Feet
  • Weight: 6.20 lbs. / 2.8 kg
  • Webbing: Standard Kinedyne Gold with Black Edge 3084F Webbing
  • End Fitting: Kinedyne 3705-5 Chain Anchor – 18 Inches