Kinedyne 3" Flat Hook Ratchet Strap Replacement Fixed End


This Replacement Fixed End is engineered for a 3″ Flat Hook Ratchet Strap. Providing a superior grip over your load. This ideal tie down can handle a working load limit of 5,400 Lbs. / 2,450 Kgs.

This Replacement Fixed End for a 3″ Flat Hook Ratchet Strap helps keep your Ratchet Strap is pristine condition to get these important tie down jobs done quickly and efficiently. Able to handle a working load limit of 5,400 Lbs. / 2,450 Kgs., this is a strong Ratchet Strap that can be used for nearly any tie down job you need done.

The classic Flat Hook is one of the most reliable end fittings for your Ratchet Strap, and the Kinedyne 1021 Flat Hook goes above and beyond the standard. Engineered from heat-treated carbon steel for industrial strength and a handy Abrasion Clip installed on the inside of the hook. This little piece of metal acts as an extra protective barrier between the webbing and the hook to cut back on the wear and tear caused by constant rubbing.

The Kinedyne gold with black edge 3084F webbing is engineered with a sew pattern to match the strength of our webbing with the durability of our hardware. This tightly weaved polyester thread offers maximum strength with little stretch, and it works to keep your load stabilized with its reliable grip.