Kinedyne E-Key Deck Beam Fitting


This E-Key Fitting is an essential tool for organising your trailer space since it can quickly and easily be used to hang or store Logistic Beams with a keyhole slot from the Logistic Track.

Shoring/Decking Beams are very important for cargo securement jobs. It’s very dangerous to just leave them laying around where they can get easily damaged or cause damage. The Kinedyne E-key Fitting for Decking Beams is the solution to that problem. Once you easily slide this Fitting into your Series E or A Track, you will be able to hang your Decking Beams to the wall whenever you’re not using them, keeping them safely secured and saving you plenty of much needed space. Some of our Decking Beams are designed with a special keyhole on the back to make hanging them up a quick and simple job. This E-Key Fitting is manufactured from heat-treated carbon steel and is strong enough to hold up your Beams for longer periods of time.

  • Working Load Limit: 335 lbs. / 151 kg
  • Series Type: Series E or A Fitting
  • Overall Height: 2.25 Inches / 5.7 centimeters
  • Overall Width: 0.5 Inch / 1.3 centimeters
  • Overall Length: 4 Inches / 10.2 centimeters
  • Weight: 0.38 lbs. / 0.17 kg