Kinedyne Heavy-Duty Strap Bands K80144


Kinedyne offers the easy and convenient solution to unravelling Winch Straps with our Heavy-Duty Strap Bands. Keep your straps from tangling and taking up space with these handy bands.

Anyone who owns a Winch Strap is very well aware of how annoyingly frustrating and inconvenient it is to wind up your unused straps only to have them unravel right before your eyes. Kinedyne’s simple solution to this common problem is our Heavy-Duty Strap Bands. These 1-inch wide orange rubber straps are incredibly useful in preventing your Winch Straps from unravelling, making your straps easy to maintain and store and your cargo securement a little less stressful. Heavy-Duty Strap Bands come in a package of 5.