Kinedyne Strap Storage Bag


Keep your Logistic Straps right where you can reach them by using Kinedyne’s extremely helpful and convenient Strap Storage Bag.

Don’t let your Logistic Straps just lie around everywhere. That’s a good way to get them lost, broken, or damaged. Instead, prevent that from happening with Kinedyne’s Strap Storage Bag. This handy bag provides a convenient location to store your Logistic Straps when they’re not in use. Manufactured from high-quality durable vinyl material, the strap bag attaches to your trailer’s Series E or A Track using Spring Loaded Series E or A Fittings, so they’ll be easy to store, easy to spot, and easy to reach. The Storage Bag is also useful in keeping stock of your inventory. Say a fleet gives a driver a bag containing ten Logistic Straps at the beginning of the run. When the driver returns the bag, the ten Straps will be easily counted for.