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TecMate OptiMATE 3-Piece SAE to DC 2.5mm Adapter Kit


TecMate OptiMate complete adapter kit for SAE to DC2.5mm.

This Tecmate Optimate Adapter Kit Includes SAE to DC2.5mm socket adapter for battery lead, SAE to DC2.5mm plug adapter for battery charger or power accessory and O-27 polarity converter for custom DC adaptions.

KIT: O-67 KIT includes 3 separate cable adapters.

  • O-67M adapter, SAE to 2.5mm jack/plug
  • O-67F adapter, SAE to 2.5mm socket
  • O-27, SAE to SAE polarity adapter


  • O-67M: 12″/30cm
  • O-67F: 12″/30cm
  • O-27: 6″/15cm


  • O-67M: SAE 2-pin to 2.5×5.5mm DC jack/plug.
  • O-67F: SAE 2-pin to 2.5×5.5mm DC socket.
  • O-27: SAE 2-pin to SAE 2-pin, with inverted polarity.

CABLE RATING: 16AWG (1.32mm2) SPT-2W.

USE: -40°C/-40°F very low temperature, cable remains flexible in ‘below freezing’ temperatures.

STYLE: Weatherproof, in-line seals included.

Premium cable product designed by TecMate. 3-year limited warranty.

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