Tecmate OptiMATE USB, 3300mA dual output USB charger, with AUTO plug

$32.99 $27.49

The portable 3300mA dual USB charger that fits in your motorcycle, car, pick-up truck or boat’s standard 12V socket – Charges your phone and GPS or camera fast!

Fast charge your phone, GPS, camera & tablet from your Harley-Davidson, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki or KTM motorcycle or car/boat fitted with a standard AUTO (American) power socket. 

  • Up to 3300mA shared between 2 x USB sockets located directly on the charger.
  • Connects to a standard AUTO (cigar) /  Ø21mm 12V accessory socket – Locking blade springs mate with locking slots in socket.
  • Charges 2 x USB devices with up to 3300mA current available to share, or charge 1 x USB-C device fast. Charge current adapts to connected device for safe recharging.
  • Creates weatherproof seal against inserted USB cable, or ‘rideproof’ cap protects USB port not in use – Worry free phone, camera or GPS charging in any weather! Luminescent display – locate your USB port easily at night!

Premium USB product by TecMate. 3-year replacement warranty.