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Tecmate OptiMATE USB CABLE, USB Y-Splitter, with Weatherproof Connection System

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Split USB charge power and conveniently charge 2 x USB devices from a single USB charger or port!

Split the power from your 2.1A charger to 2 x 1A independent outputs. OptiMate USB connection system with in-line seals.

Weatherproof USB Splits up to 4200mA of USB charging power – Fast charging possible to two devices! USB charge ports easily zip-tie to handlebar, strut or even brake / clutch cable – create charge ports anywhere on your powersport vehicle. Mates with OptiMATE USB O-100, O-105, O-115 or O-108 to create weatherproof seal – Charge anywhere when combined with OptiMATE USB!

  • length=12″/30cm with cables
  • Each output delivers 4A max.

In-line seals for OptiMate USB connectors.

Premium cable designed by TecMate. 3-year limited warranty.

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Weight 0.081 kg
Dimensions 5.59 × 5.59 × 15.49 m

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