Cable Systems

The Cable System by Trison Tarps Inc. is designed for containment of loads in open top trailers such as live bottoms, dumps and walking floors.

The Cable System is typically used by those hauling aggregates but can also be used in scrap metal applications.

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Stainless steel front shafts and stainless steel cables are standard features on the Trison Cable System. 

The system is operated by remote control with One Touch functionality and the motor has been upgraded in recent years to a black gear case.

With these two major improvements, motor reliability has been greatly increased. 

The Trison Cable System also comes standard with the tarp controls installed on the trailer to ensure that no matter who is pulling the trailer, they always have the best and safest tarp controls for operation.

A manual override with crank handle and stainless steel chain is standard issue to keep you running if you experience electrical failure.

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