Trison Side Lok

One Great System.3 Drive Types.

The Trison Side Lok is the ultimate side roll tarp system for open top trailers whether it be walking floors, live bottoms or dumps. 

The Trison Trison Side Lok makes use of the best components from many different sources to create a tarp system second to none. 

In 2005, when the company began, the need for innovation in the side roll tarp system market was clear and the Trison Side Lok has been continuously improved since. Innovation and improvement are the very nature of the Trison Side Lok.

The Trison Side Lok is designed to keep your loads dry and look great while doing it. Because of the robust nature of the components, it only needs a single bow on trailers up to 38’ and only 2 bows on trailers longer than 38’. This allows for easy loading of the trailer whether loading over the side or from the top.

We use many industry standard parts in the construction of the Trison Side Lok, meaning that most of commonly needed replacement parts are available throughout North America. 

You can also choose one of 3 drive mechanisms. For electric drive, the Roll Rite or Aeroforce S2S are the 2 choices and for manual drive, the E-cargo 421 is the choice.

Electric Trison Side Lok with Roll-Rite Drive

It is evident why Roll Rite has been a leader in the industry for electric drive systems for many years. 

One Touch control was pioneered by Roll Rite as an industry first. Not only does this improve ease of operation, it also protects the motor with its amp sensing technology. 

The MultiFlex rear arm allows for full tailgate operation and ensures reliable operation of your Trison Side Lok with minimal maintenance.

 This is the first drive mechanism that was integrated into the Trison Side Lok.

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Manual Trison Side Lok with E-cargo 421 Drive

The E-cargo 421 drive is a manually operated system that uses the mechanical advantage of 2 gearboxes to make the Trison Side Lok easy to operate.

It was the second drive mechanism to be integrated with the Trison Side Lok and quickly became the system of choice for those looking for manual operation.

The E-Cargo 421 crank mechanism is located on the front corner of the trailer for easy access and quick operation.

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Electric Trison Side Lok with Aeroforce S2S Drive

The Aeroforce S2S drive mechanism is the most recent integration with the Trison Side Lok.

It is relatively new to the market and introduced the world to an innovative new type of spring for the tarping industry.

While the Aeroforce S2S is new to the market, Aero Industries has been around for decades and is constantly developing new ideas and products.

The Trison Side Lok with Aeroforce S2S drive also features smart electronics that stop the motor automatically at the end of the cycle with the single press of a button or when obstructions are detected.

The rear arm used the same compression spring technology as the front arm.

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