Tarp Systems & Parts

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  • Easy-off Tarp Stop Kit 7"

    Easy-off Tarp Stop Kit 6″

    PN: TS6K
  • Cable Guide for Michel's Cable Return 0113-000010

    Cable Guide for Michel’s Cable Return

    PN: 0113-000010
  • Roll Rite Aluminum Corner Casting RR76800

    Roll Rite Corner – 76800 Aluminum 90 Degree Corner Casting Replacement

    PN: 76800
  • Cable Return Spool for Michel's System- Front Standard 0001-020006

    Cable Return Spool for Michel’s System- Front Standard

    PN: 0001-020006
  • Roll Rite Spiral Torsion Spring (fits all Roll-Rite pivots w:1 1:4-in pivot pins) RR47230

    Roll Rite Spiral Torsion Spring

    PN: 47230
  • Cable System Bow

    PN: CABW0104
  • Shur-Co Tarp Stop Body - Easy off TSB

    Shur-Co Tarp Stop Body – Easy off

    PN: 1100833
  • Cable Replacement for Michel's Cable Return - Select 0001-020017

    Cable Replacement for Michel’s Cable Return – Select

    PN: 0001-020017
  • Select Extension Spring for Michel's Cable Return - .092x1x13.57 0117-001000

    Select Extension Spring for Michel’s Cable Return – 0117-001000

    PN: 0117-001000
  • Roll Rite 10200 Tarp Stretcher Gear Motor

    Roll Rite 10200 Tarp Stretcher Gear Motor 12V

    PN: 10200
  • Elcargo SW4 Anchor Block Extrusion

    E-Cargo SW4 Anchor Block Extrusion

    PN: 141CASW4
  • Easy-off Tarp Stop 7"

    Easy-off Tarp Stop 6″

    PN: TS6

As an expert and forerunner in the field we proudly present you with our highly valued tarp systems. Our wide range of tarp systems include a variety of side-lok systems, front-to-back systems and roll off systems.

We offer the ultimate side roll tarp systems, like the AeroForce S2s and the E-cargo 421 Side-lok systems, made for open top trailers, whether it be walking floors, live bottoms or dumps.