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Polishing and Cleaning

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  • Metal Pre-Clean

    Flitz Metal Pre-Clean

    PN: AL01706
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  • Flitz Premium Microfiber Cloth

    Flitz Premium Microfiber Cloth – 16″x16″

    PN: MC200
    Stock: 5
  • Flitz All Metals Paste Polish w/ Protective Wax Finish

    Flitz All Metals Paste Polish with Protective Wax Finish

    PN: BP03511
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  • Flitz Speedi Seal

    Flitz Speedi Seal

    PN: MX32802
    Stock: 1
  • Flitz 5in Puff Balls

    Flitz 5″ Puff Balls with Tube of Flitz Polish

    PN: PB101-50
    Stock: 5
  • Flitz Calcium Rust - Lime Remover

    Flitz Calcium, Rust and Lime Remover

    PN: CR01606
    Stock: 5
  • Flitz Headlight Restoration Kit

    Flitz Headlight Restoration Kit

    PN: HR310501
    Out of stock.
  • Flitz Fabric Armour

    Flitz Fabric Armour

    PN: MAF30406
    Stock: 3
  • Flitz Speed Wax

    Flitz Speed Wax

    PN: MX32806
    Stock: 7
  • Flitz UV Protect

    Flitz UV Protect

    PN: MAP40106
    Stock: 5

Showing all 10 results