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Heavy Duty Mesh Dump Truck Tarps


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High Quality Mesh Dump Truck Tarps.


Our Dump Truck Tarps are made of a high quality, tough PVC coated mesh and are built for Canadian Construction environments.

A standard Dump Truck Tarp comes with a folded, seatbelt reinforced hem one one end, two sides, and two additional seatbelt reinforcements positioned down the middle of the tarp for structural strength and to ensure the tarp rolls up smoothly.

4 grommets on the end of the tarp opposite the pocket are standard.

The pocket on the remaining end is reinforced with 16 oz. Vinyl inside, plus 2 triangle shaped reinforcements to protect the tarp from tearing on the corners of the dump box.

Additionally, there is a 6” tab of seatbelt webbing sewn down at the end of each pocket to ensure that the pocket will remain strong and won’t open even after a long period of use.

This product has been improved over time based on Driver feedback to make a Trison Tarps Dump Truck Tarp the best option for a new or replacement tarp for a dump truck tarp system.

Our tarps are compatible with virtually all makes/models of dump truck tarps systems available in Canada.

If you are looking for a heavy duty dump truck tarp in Canada you’re in the right place!

How to measure for a Dump Truck Tarp:


84″ is the standard width that fits the majority of dump truck tarp systems.

For a 96″ box width, ordering an 84″ wide tarp is recommended.

For a 102″ box width, ordering a 92″ wide tarp is recommended.

Typical setup for a Truck and Pony is:

Truck: 84″ x 22′
Pony: 84″ x 18′

WIDTH: If the standard widths aren’t the right fit, measure the roller bar from flange to flange and take off 4″ so the tarp can sit 2″ inside the flange on each side.

LENGTH: Measure from where the roller bar is, to the back of the box being covered and add 2 feet.

This ensures that the tarp is 2 feet longer than the box being covered and will fit heaped loads.

Our dump truck tarps are well suited for dump trucks hauling sand, gravel, rock, construction debris, salt, or many other applications where load containment without waterproofing is required.

Black, Red, and Blue mesh dump truck tarps are in stock at all times, and other colors such as Purple, Green, Orange, and Yellow are also available with slightly longer lead times (within 1 week from time of order to shipping).

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84" x 12', 84" x 14', 84" x 16', 84" x 18', 84" x 20', 84" x 22' (Most popular), 84" x 24', 84" x 25', 86" x 18', 86" x 22', 92" x 18', 92" x 22'


Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow

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