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Durabilt 1/2" Grab Hook American Ratchet Binder


(DR) Specialty Pro-Bind Series – Ratchet Binder with 1/2″ Grab Hook – 5/8″ Slip Hook. The Pro’s Workhorse, heavy 1″ diameter ACME screw, Specialty End Fittings.

Ratchet Binder with 1/2″ Grab Hook from the Durabilt (DR) Specialty Pro-Bind Series. This Durabilt Ratchet Binder is every pro’s workhorse with a heavy 1″ diameter ACME screw and a working load limit (W.L.L.) of 12000 lbs. The one end slip Hook chain size is 5/8″ and Grab hook 1/2″. Handle length of 15,5″ and barrel length of 10″.

Meets or exceeds D.O.T. specifications.