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Kinedyne Grip Link 11 x 22.5 Single V-Bar Cross Tire Chains


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Designed for snowy, icy conditions, use the might of multiple tiny ice picks with Kinedyne’s Grip Link® Tire Chains 11 x 22.5 Single Set with V-Bar Cross Chains. This V-Bar design reinforces the tire’s grip over ice and snow.


Imagine hefting an ice pick directly into a block of ice. The grip is so strong that you could pull yourself up with the pick still in the ice. Now imagine that kind of strength multiplied. That’s the kind of power that lies in Kinedyne’s Grip Link® Tire Chains 11 x 22.5 Single with V-Bar Cross Chains. With our Grip Link, your tires will maintain a strong grip over the slippery road, helping you keep control over your vehicle.

Each link in this cross chain is covered in “V” shaped links that act as little ice picks to give you the traction you need to make it over a snowy or icy terrain. This makes it ideal for traversing over highways as the high strength/hardened carbon steel cross members provide excellent traction for your truck or trailer.

Our Grip Link Tire Chains come in sets for both sides of your vehicle. One set of the Grip Link® Tire Chains 11 x 22.5 Single with V-Bar Cross Chains comes in a single easy-to-carry white pail, which weighs 66 lbs. / 29.9 kg. When not in use, this pail acts as an excellent storage device during those dry months.

  • Highway Tire Chain: Yes
  • Single Tire Chain : Yes – Singles Go Over 1 Truck Drive Tire Only
  • Tire Size: 11 x 22.5
  • Side Wall Chain Diameter: 7 Millimeters
  • Number of Cross Links Chains per Tire Chain: 14
  • Cross Link Chain Diameter: 7 Millimeters
  • Weight of a Complete Set of Tire Chains: 66 lbs. / 30 kg

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Weight 30 kg

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