Roll Rite Electric Motor for Dump Truck


TarpMaster® motor designed for general purpose tarping used on a wide array of tarp systems for power systems using up to 24 feet of tarp. The motor used on the tarp system depends on the length of the system and the material used on the tarp.

This 12V gear Motor, with 3 Year Warranty, is one of the toughest in it’s field. Being 3 times more protected against crashes, it’s toughness requires 7.4 times more force to get the gear damaged than its torque output. The chrome plated packaging for an appealing and competent profile on your truck. The protective casing and cover are virtually corrosion-proof.

With the use of the industries standard worm gear technology, this gear motor provides efficient power for general tarping requirements. Suitable for front-to-back-tarping, using up to 24 feet of tarp on light to medium duty trucks including:

  • Single Axle & 1-ton dumps
  • Tandem dumps
  • Smaller Hooklifts