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Ancra Combination Painted Ergo Winch Bar 360°


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Combination Painted ERGO 360 Winch Bar with Round End


The Ergo 360° Bar takes Ancras winch bars to the next level. The patented ergonomic design maintains parallel alignment of handle and tip, so you can rotate the bar for optimum leverage without removing it, and keep it secured in the winch cap through the mushroom tip. Experience the difference a bend in the bar can make. Easy to carry and easy to handle. The Ergo 360° Bar is the most efficient and economical new tool you’ll use.

Available in standard, combination and combination box end models. Combination winch bars can be used to release tension on chain binders. Use caution to avoid injury. Not to be used as a cheater bar.

Patented No. 7,740,232

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