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Green Drumclip - Open Head Drums and Plastic Drums Securement Tool


DRUMCLIP DC19B GREEN for easy and safer securing of open head drums and plastic drums

The Green DRUMCLIP is a light-weighted, DIN and ISTA-3 E certified, innovative plastic tool that provides a more safe and easy transport of drums. When transporting open head drums or plastic drums, a good securement of your cargo is of high importance. With the Drumclips, securing your cargo has never been this easy! The Drumclip is a clever, patented Dutch innovation that quickly has become the preferred way to secure drums.

Two Types of Drumclips

For securing different types of Drums for transport there are different drum clips available. This DC19B GREEN DRUMCLIP is designed for 200 litre UN standard open head drums and plastic drums. For tight head drums with a fixed lit we have the DC18A RED DRUMCLIP available.

Advantages of the Drumclip:

  • Faster loading and unloading: Simply attach two Drumclips over the rims of two drums that are at the same row of pallets, place a ratchet strap between the pre-formed guides of both Drumclips, tighten and ready!
  • Light-weighted: A single Drumclip weights only 100 grams
  • Re-usable: It’s strong and clever design makes the Drumclip a long lasting tool
  • Easy to store: With just two Drumclips you’re able to secure four or eight drums to a trailer