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Kinedyne Kwik Winder


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Kinedyne’s Kwik Winder is an essential tool that easily recoils straps, saves time, and gets you back on the road quickly.


Do you want quick, or do you want Kwik? Quick gets the job done, but Kwik gets the job done right. Kinedyne’s Kwik Winder is the ideal tool for all flatbeds that use winches to tie down their loads. Made with steel and high-impact plastic, our Kwik Winder is engineered for maximum durability.

Once the trailer has been unloaded, the Kwik Winder allows you to wind the straps onto the mandrel of the winch in a fraction of the time it takes to do it by hand. All you need to do is place the end of the Kwik Winder in the cap of your winch and turn. The strap will quickly wrap around the winch, and in no time, your strap and the Kwik Winder are ready for storage. Shave a few minutes off your time spent winding by hand with this handy tool.

  • Weight:1.54 Lbs. / 0.70 Kgs.
  • Maximum Width of Webbing: 4

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Weight 0.70 kg

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