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Kinedyne Lashing Winch


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The Kinedyne Lashing Winch is a versatile winch that can be welded or bolted in place like a standard winch but offers the quick release and easy operation of a ratchet buckle. This combination of strength and versatility has a working load limit of 3,335 lbs. / 1,515 kg.


This versatile winch is engineered with the design of a standard winch while also offering the easy operation and quick release of a ratchet buckle. This kind of combination of speed and durability is great to have for your cargo securement jobs. Able to be bolted on or welded on your trailer, this sturdy winch can handle a working load limit of 3,335 lbs. / 1,515 kg.

Engineered from heat-treated carbon steel for extra strength, this Lashing Winch needs a 1-1/8-inch hex wrench in order to be properly operated. With the appropriate tools in hand, you’ll be able to quickly and easily tie down your load. This winch is designed to work flawlessly with any Winch Straps in a way that avoids abrasive or wear damage to the Straps as they’re tightened or loosened over the cargo.

All these winches are stamped with their working load limit, country of origin, and manufactured date in accordance to North American Regulations. These winches are designed to comply with North American Cargo Securement, WSTDA, Canadian 905, CHP standards, and DOT regulations. Remember to always stand clear of the winch bar handle during operation of the winch bar in case it slips.

  • Working Load Limit: 3,335 lbs. / 1,515 kg
  • Height: 4.02 Inches / 10.2 centimeters
  • Width: 2.93 Inches / 2.93 centimeters
  • Length: 5 Inches / 12.7 centimeters
  • Weight: 3.8 lbs. / 1.7 kgs
  • Storage Capacity (Webbing Length): 10 Feet Approximately

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Work Load Limit (W.L.L.)

3,335 lbs / 1,515 Kg