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Lumber Tarps

Looking for Flatbed Tarps for your Lumber hauling needs?

We have a full line of Flatbed Lumber Tarps in stock and ready to ship!

If you want to purchase lumber tarps online, order lumber tarps for Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, or anywhere else in Canada, we ship lumber tarps across the country.

Whether it’s 5 foot drop tarps for a short load of lumber, 8 foot drop tarps for a full size load of lumber, or 10 foot drop tarps for your drop deck trailer, we have many sizes in stock and available for you!

6 foot drop tarps also available by custom order.

Looking for Steel tarps instead? Click or Tap here to see our Steel Tarp Selection.

Available in any configuration you want, whether 2 piece lumber tarp set, 3 piece lumber tarp set, or 4 piece lumber tarp sets.

We can do either configuration as a set of lightweight lumber tarps; and if you’re looking for a different color or custom size, we can do that as well.

If you are looking for tarps for your hotshot loads, our stock sizes often work, but if not just let us know what your typical load height is, and we will either have a set of tarps in stock that will suit you, or build a set to suit your needs.

While they are called Lumber Tarps since they typically cover a load of lumber 8’ tall and 8’ wide, a Trison Flatbed Lumber Tarp can be used to protect virtually any load that needs to be protected from the weather.

Trison Tarps are proudly made in our Canadian or USA plant with the highest quality materials including:

Fabric: Trison Advantage 16oz vinyl coated fabric (Waterproof). Whether protecting your load from snow, ice, rain, or other debris, our waterproof fabric is great for covering your loads.

Seams: All seams are heat sealed so the vinyl stays waterproof (no stitching holes).

Edge Hems: All edge hems of the tarps are folded over 2” and 2” seatbelt webbing is tucked inside to ensure strong hems and a good seating for the grommets.

Grommets: We use the industry’s toughest stainless steel grommets instead of brass grommets that often corrode when tarps are stored when wet. This ensures you always have a grommet tie down when needed.

D-Rings: We use 2” Nickel plated steel D-Rings – this large size ensures that a bungee or rubber strap tie down can easily pass through the D-Ring, hook and all.

All D-rings are sewn on with a tough, wear-resistant 2” seat belt web loop.

D-Ring Rows: We use tough, wear resistant 2” seat belt for all D-ring rows – the strongest webbing in the industry.

Branding: We can accommodate a vast array of logos, so you can put your lumber tarps to work advertising your company as you drive down the road. There is usually a nominal, one time only, fee to create the logo in the right format, and then you only pay for the logo installation each time you place an order after that.

Cold Crack: Our Trison Advantage Vinyl is rated for minus 40 degree (Celsius and Fahrenheit) cold crack. We often get feedback from customers who exclusively use Trison Tarps because of how manageable they are even in extreme cold temperatures.

Colors Available: We have Black, Red, Blue, and Green available.

If your company has a specific color configuration, please feel free to let us know as well, and we can see how we can take care of any custom requirements.

It can also be helpful to use different colors to distinguish between various sized tarps. For example, in a set of 3 the two end tarps are identical but the center tarp is different. In this case, ordering black tarps for the end tarps, and blue (or red, or green, etc.) for the center tarp can ensure you don’t have to handle the tarps more than necessary.

Trison Advantage 16oz Vinyl

All Steel and Lumber Tarps are made with our trademark Trison Advantage 16oz vinyl coated fabric, which has the tensile strength of the commonly used 18oz fabric without the extra weight.

This keeps lumber tarps as lightweight as possible while still being waterproof, durable, and high quality.

If you are looking for lighter options, we have several options if you are looking for a tarp set with 8’ Drops:

  • 3 Piece Lumber Tarp Set – Trison Advantage 16oz Vinyl (Waterproof)
  • 2 Piece Lightweight Tarp Set – Trison Advantage 16oz Vinyl Top, 10oz Vinyl Sides (Waterproof)
  • 3 Piece Lightweight Lumber Tarp Set – Trison Advantage 16oz Vinyl Top, 10oz Vinyl Sides (Waterproof)

Are Lumber Tarps too heavy? 

Lumber tarps can be very heavy, especially when they are used in cold weather and harder to roll up neatly.

One way the weight issue can be alleviated is to purchase a Set of 3 Lumber Tarps instead of a set of 2.

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