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Ratcheting Style Binders

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  • Ancra 3/8in - 1/2in Ratchet Load Binder - 9,200lb W.L.L. 45943-21

    Ancra Ratchet Load Binder

    $36.95$49.50 45943-20
  • Durabilt 1/2″ Grab Hook American Ratchet Binder

    $113.79 DR-2-12SLP
  • Durabilt 3/8″ American Ratchet Binder Body

    $37.95 DR-1-BODY
  • Durabilt 3/8″ Ratchet Binder with Swivel Jaw Ends

    $120.00 DR-J-SJ
  • Durabilt Ratchet Binder with Folding Handle

    Durabilt 5/16″ – 3/8″ Ratchet Binder with Folding Handle

    $65.00 DFX-38
  • Durabilt 5 8-in American Ratchet Binder with No Hooks - 16,000 lb W.L.L.

    Durabilt 5/8″ American Ratchet Binder with No Hooks – 16,000 lbs W.L.L.

    $69.95 DTT
  • Durabilt Anti Theft Ratchet Binder

    $49.95$59.00 LDR-38-10+
  • Durabilt Ratchet Binder Truck Tight – for 3/8″ – 1/2″ chains

    $69.00 DTT-2
  • Durabilt Ratchet Binder with Turnbuckles – WLL 13,000 lbs.

    $109.95 DR-J-J
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